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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How do you give up control?

In this new age of 1 to 1 computing the problem isn't the students--it's the teacher! I know I'm a control freak and letting go of control of my classroom is scary! I've been slowly doing it for years as the computer has taken over my business curriculum--however it's hard.

For those of you that are new to this process I can give you these words of advice:
  • Learn to use Twitter--I love Tweet Deck to learn new innovative ideas for my classroom--I set aside 10 minutes everyday to Twitter--and I rarely tweet--I just read them.
  • Start off small and slowly create projects to engage students in the computer projects for your subject area--there is a WEB 2.0 Tool that will inspire you. Check them out at
  • Know what you want before you assigned a project--having a rubric is very helpful to you and your students--these will constantly change as the projects progress over the years. Sometimes I had too high of expectations and sometimes too low. Live and learn! Great site that helps is
  • If you wait until you have all the programs or Web 2.0 sites mastered they are old--jump in and the kids will learn along with you or you from them.
  • Tons of ideas out there--there is a wiki for everything--Google it!
  • Let students make suggestions for projects--they have great ideas.
  • I truly believe it is no longer about "How much" I cover but "How" I cover it.
  • Developing a student social network site is critical to the 21st Century Classroom--it is how today's students communicate. Edmodo-- is free and Ning is cheap!
  • TEACHER LEARNING--is more important than ever before--it can't only be about our content--it's about our--Pedagogy!
  • Student Responsibility is critical and an important piece--it will only hurt them later in life if we don't set deadlines and expect them met! Employers will reap the benefits later!
  • TIME is still precious and teacher's will need time and support to make the changes necessary for a Student Centered Classroom. Differentiated Instruction site
  • Find someone who is doing it and visit them--follow them through a day of teaching. A good mentor is critical.
  • Don't give up--it will be worth it in the end!
The author has been a classroom teacher for 30 years and is currently the Iowa Business Education Teacher of the year.


  1. This is certainly inspiring to those of us who are stilling acclimating to idea of global learning and interconnectedness.

  2. The Wiki

    Skype in Schools opens up a new world for teachers.